My first day in LA -- somewhere between my hotel in Burbank and the
office.  It wasn't raining... yet
Supposedly, there's this sign that spells out
H O L L Y W O O D -- it's up on a hill.  
They even built this thing at the Kodak
Theater that frames it.  Yeah, right.  I
never saw it...
I even tried
to climb to
it, but no
Hollywood sign would have been
behind us -- if it existed.  And
wow, was that the wrong red for
my hair!
Ah!  Big Boy!  There's a Big Boy in
Burbank!  It doesn't belong there --it
should be moved to a happier place.  And
someone needs to tell them that the
secret sauce is NOT salsa!  I Love Big
Boy, regardless of his location or weird
menu items.
I think this was an omen for
my California experience
Universal City Walk is very cool.  I have
some really nice memories from here...
View from
one of my
hotel rooms
My friend Marc took this
picture at the Saddle Ranch in
Universal City.  I remember I
ordered a peach cobbler and a
Heineken that day -- not as
bad as it sounds...
Christmas --    
Los Angeles style
Doesn't look very
inviting on the way
in, does it?
I have nothing to
say about this
picture, except
that I'm glad to
have it
OK, I've got to admit --
THAT is stunning

2005 --
The Year
In Pictures
I’m going to include a little of 2004
here, since most of this site is
devoted to things that have
happened since we began production
on Battle B-Daman, and that
happened in the fall of 2004.  Plus, I
missed a few months of 2005 with
my illness, so it all kind of works out
to a year anyway.

I spent a lot of time in Los Angeles
from Fall ’04 to Spring ’05.  Funny
thing is, the weather wasn’t a whole
lot different from one coast to the
other.  Southern California claims   
it’s not usually like that, but I don’t
believe them.  For the most part, it
was rainy and dismal and not very
warm.  Meanwhile back in Rhode
Island, it was colorful and
unseasonably mild.  Well, except for
a couple really, really big snow
storms and a particularly
outrageous cold snap last January.  
At least we have variety!

There isn’t much of a story to tell
for the year.  Mostly I worked and
traveled for work.  Fell in love for a
little while, met some interesting
people, lost myself for a bit and
eventually wound up back where I
began – albeit wiser and slightly
damaged from the experience.  As a
whole, 2005 was not the best year
I’ve ever had, but it certainly    
wasn’t the worst.  A couple great
things happened, and there were a
few of those things that make
people say “what doesn’t kill you
makes you stronger”.

Luckily, there only seem to be
pictures of the good times, so that’s
how it will be filed in my memory.  
Enough blathering – on with the show!

PS – Be warned:  I take zillions of
pictures of everything…
Let's head back to the East Coast
for a while, shall we?
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