The weather was beautiful this fall and it
stayed warm late into the season.  The down
side of that is, that our trees were less
colorful:  apparently a frost is needed for
vibrant hues...
Halloween 2004 -- I
guess I was "Denise
with a spider on her
cheek"...  Scary!
Just one more dead gypsy...
become a vampire...
you do know that a
vampire can only
enter if invited...
I wouldn't let her
in either...
Tommi definitely wins for
best costume, as
Frankenkitty -- who else
would have been willing to
go to such lengths for
Ever felt like you
were working for the
Dark Side???
feeling guilty
'bout somethin'
Scoot over,
Spencer, there's a
tree in the
Is this an episode of "The
Sopranos" or just the 2005
Christmas Tree coming
Oh, it looks
without the
red plastic!
When falling down the stairs, a
Christmas Tree is not your best
option for cushioning...
And even better with some
decoration (at least it did 'til
Rosie knocked it over on Christmas
Considering it was in
the 60's for
Christmas this year,
Mr. K didn't need
quite as many
It took me a while to figure what this
picture was -- then I noticed my hair...
These were taken on a particularly
bad day in March.  My hair looked
good though!
By December the hair was
shorter and darker.
Went to see the Lion King
that night
In January, we
learned that
California boys
just can't
handle a little
cold snap..
OK, it was DARN cold that week, I guess there's a
reason why the rooms at beach resorts are cheaper in
the winter...
The Rhode Island Statehouse -- if you look closely
you'll see "Independent Man" doing his thing atop
the dome.  (the second largest floating dome in the
world, it was modeled after the largest at St.
Peter's Basilica)
This is an awesome picture of Downcity Providence in 2005.  
Yes, we call it Downcity, and not downtown...  
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2005 --
The Year
In Pictures
Now that
you've seen
Fall and
Winter on the
Left Coast,
let's check out
how it's done
on the Right
What do you
suppose lives in a
nest that size?  
(Look up on the
OK -- time
for some
SNOW pics...
in 2005
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