Rosie, Joey and
the case of the
Sunset on St. Patrick's Day
Battle B-Daman
premiered in April
and Spencer and I
were there to watch
it from the comfort of
our own living room
It was a little early...
These guys used live
ammo -- I'm lucky to still
have my head...
Look!  It's a Kennedy
sighting -- they're
everywhere, they're
Memorial Day Parade in Riverside
I really should have tried to sell this on
eBay -- this was a natural tissue formation
-- spooky, isn't it?
McCoy Stadium in Historic Pawtucket
(birthplace of the industrial revolution),
home of the PawSox
That's better...
Finally!  I have a stroller and
I can be the one to run
everyone else over.  Revenge
is Mine!!!
Oh, Higbee looks ticked off...
Bye, long hair, I'll miss you...
"You didn't tell me Aunt Denise
was an elf!"
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