As Battle B-Daman wrapped out in LA, I became the Associate Producer of an
exciting new venture called Action Blast!

Action Blast! can be seen 7 days a week at 8am (Eastern) on the
G4 cable
network.   (G4 is dedicated to young men and gamers – it’s on digital cable and
satellite, check your local provider)  You can also check out parts of the show
anytime on the
action portal of Hasbro’s website.

But what is Action Blast!?  It’s an hour long action variety show featuring legacy
animation footage, original brand-based vignettes and the outrageous monster
mayhem of Kaiju Big Battel.  This is unlike anything else I’ve ever done, and it’s a
new concept for Hasbro, as well.   The best way to understand it is to actually see
it, but I know that not all of you fall into the 16-39 year old male demographic
that really enjoys the show…  

The show is produced in Providence and our location shoots have all been in the
Providence/Boston area so far.  That gives me the chance to be much more hands
on.  What takes up most of my time is editing the legacy footage.  Every weekday,
we show 2 full cartoon episodes, currently Beast Wars and Battle B-Daman.  
These episodes are edited slightly to fit the format of the Action Blast! block.   
Then on the weekend, the shows are edited down into 7 minute “webisodes”, so you
can see a whole week’s worth of episodes in one hour.  You can also see these
shorter versions on the Hasbro website.

Being on cable, we don’t have commercials (just a quick station break at half
past).   Around the animation are several spots we call BAMs.  Some are animated
and some are live action.  I have had so much fun filming the live action spots.  
There is an entire team of extremely talented folks responsible for making these
happen, and I have been lucky to be involved in some of the writing, a bit of the
producing and various other odd jobs along the way.  I’ve even done some acting!  If
you look carefully at the I-Dog spots that have aired so far, my shadow is on the
street musician, I’m hanging out in the back of the record store and my
foot is
tapping at Faneuil Hall.  The week of January 23, I’ll be seen playing the piano in
a recital hall…  Look for Spencer to offer the I-Dog a ride the first week of

This is an incredible experience and, as you can imagine, it’s very time consuming.  
So that’s where I’ve been lately…
Behind the scenes: the
filming of Action Blast!