Dear Family and Friends,

 Hope your holidays were terrific and 2006 is shaping up to be another great
 I wasn't able to get my holiday cards out on time, so I thought this would
be a nice way to keep you updated...
 Holiday newsletters can be corny, but there are times when you really do
want everyone to know what's going on.  Some big things have happened to me
this past year and I've been so busy making them happen that I'm afraid I
didn't have time to tell everyone about them!  
 I hope you enjoy this website.  It still needs a lot of work (check back in
once in a while), but I wanted to get something going in time to alert
everyone to my national television acting debut!  Unfortunately, I'm afraid my
right foot has gotten a jump on the rest of me and has already made an
unexpected appearance on my new show.  (My right hand and shadow have also
been caught lurking)  Don't worry, you can still see my toes tapping on the
web.  And if you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, you'll just
have to keep reading...
With Love,