As many of you know, I started working at Hasbro a couple
years ago in the Intellectual Properties Group/Entertainment
Division/Fantasy Factory or whatever we're called these days.  I
started as the Senior Production Coordinator, working on all of
Hasbro's productions from Weebles on-pack animation to Tonka
direct to video to the Zoids series on Cartoon Network.  Oh, and we
can't forget My Little Pony!  I soon started focusing mainly on
Entertainment, where I was responsible for coordinating the
production and post- production of several animated series on
Cartoon Network.  My favorite part was writing scripts for the
Transformers Energon and Duel Masters series.
    Late in 2004, I became the Associate Producer of Battle
B-Daman, an animated, 52 episode series seen on ABCFamily and
ToonDisney.  B-Daman is currently running on Cartoon Network and
as part of the Action Blast! variety hour on G4.
    Battle B-Daman was my first shot at producing and it was a
great experience.  To learn more about it,
click here.
    As B-Daman wrapped late this fall, I embarked on a new,
ambitous, exciting and very time consuming adventure:
Action Blast!