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2005 Holiday Newsletter
Current Events
The Commissary
Denise's World Blog -- Coming Soon
2005 -- The Year in Pictures
Where this site is headed...

We have to warn you, enjoy the site while you can.  We hope to eventually turn it into a
real website, hawking tinytommi studio wares.  When that happens, the personal stuff will
need to find a new home.  If you don't know, I have a small (minuscule, even) jewelry
design business.  Someday, maybe I'll have enough time to do something with it, but until
then, have a cookie and read on...
tinytommi studios   


Thanks for stopping by the studios today.  Feel free to take off your coat, pour yourself a
drink and sit for a spell.  While you're here, check out the latest happenings, click a few
links and maybe stop by the commissary -- you never know who you'll bump into there...
What's up with this site?

This is where you'll find the latest updates on the movers and shakers in Rhode Island (at
least the ones named Knuff).  There might be a story posted from time to time, lots of
pictures, I'm sure, and a few odds and ends.