This was the sell sheet used in
Europe.  I wrote the copy and
then someone across the pond
translated it into "English"  
There are a few spelling errors
on here -- hopefully they were
corrected before this was

There are something like 17
versions of B-Daman in several
languages and countries around
the world based on my version of
the show.  I worked closely with
Canada, Latin America and the
UK in dubbing the show.  The
good folks at ER distributed it
around the rest of Europe.  

I'll add another summary below
the pretty pictures...

Welcome to the B-DaWorld!  Join your jovial guide, the B-DaMage, as we follow the
story of one special young boy – Yamato Delgato.  Raised by cats until he was five,
Yamato now lives with his adoptive mom, Mie who runs the local café.  Up until now,
Yamato has only dreamt of playing the official sport of the B-DaWorld – B-Daman!  
But all that is about to change.  Turns out that Yamato has been chosen to receive
the legendary B-Daman, Cobalt Blade.  Created by the B-DaMaster Armada, Cobalt
Blade is the most awesome B-Daman ever, and only Yamato has the skills and talent
needed to harness its power.  But it’s going to take a lot of practice and training for
Yamato to become the champion B-DaPlayer we all know he can be.   With the support
of his friends – Terry, Bull and the mysterious Gray – and with his faithful cat Tommi
by his side, Yamato is ready to set out on the journey of a lifetime!  Meanwhile, a
dark force is also watching the events unfolding in the B-DaWorld…  Come along as
Yamato and his friends learn about the sport of B-Daman, the value of friendship, and
have a ton of fun along the way.  Who knows -- they may even be able to save the B-
DaWorld from the evil Shadow Alliance!