And now a word from the
Undisputed Feline Star and Fan
Favorite of Battle B-Daman:      
Greetings and Welcome, Tommi Fans!

Thanks for stopping by.  

As you know, I generally like to work behind the scenes.  I'm the mover,
I'm the shaker, I'm the one who gets things done.  My mother's
company isn't called tinytommi studios for nothin'.  For Battle B-Daman,
I decided to step in front of the camera.  I wasn't interested in a lead
role -- that crazy Yamato kid is welcome to that -- but I'm sure you'll
agree that I steal the show.  There are advantages to having a mother
in the biz...

Filming this show was definitely one of the high points of my career, and
I loved every minute of it.  To those of you who noticed that I used a
stand in here and there, mostly in the fabled episode 52, thanks for
noticing and don't worry -- I did miss a bit of work while undergoing
cancer treatments, but I'm all better now.  Thank you for your continuing
support.  I love you all, but please, no stalking the Tommi!